• Lindsay Chan

Why This Mom Believes Cancer Is One of the Best Things to Happen to Her

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Meet Sarah, mom to two darling little girls and wife to Rob. I had the honor of joining Sarah & Rob at their home for a very intimate moment in the life of their marriage and family. After losing a majority of her hair due to cancer treatment- Sarah decided she wanted to create a happy and fun moment out of her current struggle & hair loss. She was certain of two things; First, she wanted to include her 3-year-old and 5-year-old daughters and second, she wanted this moment to be joyful.

Sarah truly embodies joy in the way she parents and loves her girls and in the way she cares for Rob even in the midst of her own treatment.

"I love all the beautiful blessings that come out of trials! And there have been more than I can count. It sounds bizarre but cancer has been one of the best things thats happened to me!" -Sarah

I truly believe that God mourns with us when we're going through struggles and trials but He will use these moments to bring us closer to Him and to those that support us- friends, family etc.

Sarah & Rob's unconditional love for each other is truly remarkable and being a fly on the wall during these moments was an honor. Later the same day after I returned home and started culling through the photos, I asked Sarah how her "new head" felt. She shared, "I love it! And its all because of Rob, He treats me the exact same and makes me feel so comfortable."

After Rob finished shaving Sarah's head, we headed out the gorgeous wooded area in their backyard and captured some photos to mark and remember Sarah's strength and joy in the trials. Sarah was prepared with a beautiful, hand sewn, real human hair wig to wear afterward for a few more family photos. When she put it on, she asked Rob if she looked like "the old Sarah" - but I genuinely believe the "new Sarah" is stunning- inside and out.

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