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Rejoicing in the Hot Mess of Motherhood: The Days are Long but the Years are Short

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

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Real moment here friends- I read this article a few weeks ago titled '3 Lessons We Learn While Waiting'. I was captivated by it and this one quote stuck out to me...

"Maybe the good stuff isn’t ahead of or behind us.

Maybe it’s somewhere in between."

- Jeff Goins

Jeff goes on to say, "maybe what we call 'mundane,' what feels boring and ordinary, is really how we spend our lives. And we have an opportunity to make of it what we will — to resent its lack of adventure or rejoice in the beauty."

This past summer I was stuck in a rut. It was a deep hole- a life sucking hole of motherhood where I constantly felt the daily battle of not wanting to "wish away" this time that was supposed to be glorious, beautiful and magical but thinking to myself 'It will just get better when...' (fill in the blank) For me it was 'when the baby is sleeping through the night'... 'when we're done nursing'... 'when our toddler is in Kindergarten'... Soon I found myself wishing away 10 years and realized that teenagers surely bring their own set of new problems that I'm definitely not ready for (yet)!

Unfortunately this new found discontentment also brought on a whole heap of other not-so-lovely things like a lack of self-care and the inability for me prioritize extra time for myself and for my lovely and supportive husband. I was (most days I still am) trapped in the trenches of daily life with tiny humans at home all the while running a full time business. Even with an amazing, involved husband and a phenomenal support system (thank you Gramma & Grampa, Aunties, etc- you know who you are) most days feel like a hot mess. Right around the deepest part of this "hot mess" stage, a wonderfully talented photographer friend of mine had been sharing, posting and booking Mommy & Me photo sessions. I saw her advertisements and knew I wanted those beautiful photos of me and our sweet kiddos, but quickly came up with every reason I could to just keep scrolling. 'I need to lose 30 lbs'.... 'all of my hair is falling out- maybe later when it grows back in'... 'I could spend the money on other things- this isn't that important'... I could go on and on. Well, those sessions came and went and I never booked one. Until a MONTH later when a switch flipped and I decided I was going to rejoice in the beauty instead of wishing away time. I emailed my friend, booked a session (and she graciously agreed even though she was so far done with that specific set of sessions), scheduled professional hair and make up and told myself I'm just going for this. Those photos are some of my favorite and most treasured photos. Our little guy just turned one earlier this month and he changes by the week, so of course I can never have too many photos- but the most important thing about those ones is that I'm in them!

I can't tell you how many blog posts I read about moms getting IN pictures with their kids, or ones with a call to dads and partners to take more photos of their wives and partners with the kids. These moments are fleeting and no one is perfect- connection and love is all that matters and there's no time like the present... even if the present is a hot mess. I want nothing more than to capture these fleeting moments for you (hot mess and all)- check out the info below on some new studio sessions that are very special to me. Dads and partners if you're reading this... I promise surprising the rockstar mother of your children with one of these sessions will be a huge win!


Naperville Photographer, Naperville Family Photographer, Lindsay Chan Photography, Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

NOW BOOKING: Mommy Snuggle Studio Mini Sessions - Saturday, March 2nd (2019) limited spaces available, online booking is available now!

Pick between two session options, $275 (simple mini session) or $450 (full glam)

These limited edition Studio Mini Sessions are up to 45 minutes in length- session includes an online gallery of all edited images. Sessions will take place in my Naperville Studio, address provided upon booking. These simple, classic sessions are ideal for Mommas and their kiddos of any age (families with multiple kiddos welcome) For moms with more than one child, session will include individual shots of each child with Mom as well as Mom with all of her kiddos together. All sessions will include a mix of playing/connection and posed "smiling and looking"


- 20 minute session - 3 high resolution digital files of your choice from full online gallery - Upgrade to purchase full gallery ahead of session for only $100.00

$275 - (full payment due at time of booking)


- 45 minute session

- Full Professional Hair & Full Professional Make Up included - On-site babysitting for your kiddo(s) while you're being pampered - 5 high resolution digital files of your choice from full online gallery - $50 print credit - Upgrade to purchase full gallery ahead of session for only $100.00

$450 - (full payment due at time of booking)

To book your spot, see info below! All booking for Mini Session Specials now takes place online

Book now online-

Limited spaces are available, please consider choosing a spot quickly for best availability!

Full payment due at time of booking to secure a session. Once you have selected your date/time slot and checked out, we will send the paperwork and details along with everything you need to know to make the most of your session.

Any questions, or concerns- please don't hesitate to email,

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