• Lindsay Chan

Happy Mother's Day to All Different Types of Mothers

A very Happy Mother's Day to ALL mommas... For some mothers reading this, this day may bring a lot of joy to you. To others it may bring on unwelcome feelings of anxiety, fear, pain or loss. So to ALL mothers, here's my deepest wish and prayer:

To the mother... who puts everyone's needs and wants before her own on a daily basis... Happy Mother's Day

To the grandmother... who loves being able to soak up the fun and joy of time with her grandkids... or the one who lives further away from her grandkids than she wishes but loves them fiercely... or to the one who who is a full time caregiver to her grandchild(ren)... Happy Mother's Day

To the stepmother... that cares for her step child(ren) like they are her own... Happy Mother's Day

To the foster mother... who is doing everything she can to break the cycle, help heal and process trauma and give a new sense of security for children that aren't her own... Happy Mother's Day

To the expectant mother... who is dreaming about life outside her body and praying for that sweet growing baby and wondering who he/she will become someday... Happy Mother's Day

To the grieving mother... who doesn't feel like she can breathe or make it one more day without her son or daughter who is safe in Jesus' arms too soon... or to the one that will never be able to hold a child of her own here on this earth... Happy Mother's Day

To the mother in waiting... that fears she will never be a mother or is praying for a child of her own... Happy Mother's Day

To the spiritual mother... who is a maternal figure to everyone she meets and leads with grace and patience... Happy Mothers Day

To ALL women caring for others... Happy Mother's Day

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